I believe …

  • As a self-professed Pollyanna, I believe in the goodness of people and have hope that challenging days will lead only to better days.
  • My cup is more than half full, never empty.  It is the people who keep it filled.
  • Every once in while, but not often, I have ‘feet of clay’ and trip on them.  What to do? Pick them up, suck it up, own it, admit it, and move on.  PS – did I tell you I also mix metaphors?  A LOT !


Anyone can get overwhelmed if we dwell on everything that must be accomplished.  So keep a list but focus mostly on what can be done today rather than on the list as a whole, and get things done – even if you have to apply the 95:5 rule to Never miss a deadline!  I told my graduate students this a LOT

  • I would rather be outside than inside, and if inside I need windows to fill my view.
  • A favorite quote from a former student, “Friday nights are for laughing!”
  • Bob Dylan may have said it best, “May you stay forever young.”  That’s my plan.
  • I am such a lucky person to have the opportunities I have had and continue to have.  Part of being lucky, however, stems from keeping an open mind to opportunity.