People are Talking

I wish to thank the following people for providing Candidate References.  Patrollers Don Steen, Southern Region Director; Kim Zambole, SR ROA; and Gene Walker, Hidden Valley Sr. Alpine Patroller.  Non-patrollers Claude Gaebelein, PhD (biostatistician); Jinia Bashiti, CRNA (close friend from anesthesia school); and Melissa Williams, RN (co-worker at recent place of employment).  I could have asked so many others, these people represent a variety of walks of my life!

IMG_4996Dr. Claude and Debra Gaebelein – volunteered to “be my election campaign staff – Claude as analyst and Deb as communications director.”  Initially I thought, wow, do I need that?  As we talked, however, it quickly became obvious that they have a LOT to offer.  I owe them more than I can say!  They are also Gary’s and my very good golf buddies and friends for life.

So, what do Deb and Claude wish you to know?  These are their words:

Julie could improve her golf game.  But I have never seen her get mad and quit because things are not going her way.