It is VOTING Month

Hi all

IMG_8550Well, September flew by with Gary’s and my cruise to beautiful Alaska with family.  Our weather was phenomenal – sunny skies in the rain forest – and everything about our trip met expectations, except that it went too fast.

October is here and everyone should have some information about our NSP Board candidates.  There are 13 of us for 5 positions.  Be sure to read up on, and ‘hear’ from the candidates and then chat with your colleagues as you make your decision(s) on voting.  And then, VOTE, once the election portal is opened.  Remember, one of the biggest ways YOU get heard is by exercising your right to vote.

So now I have to say, “why vote for me?”  Because I really love, love, love the ski patrol and its people; and know how important it is that we, 1.) work with each other internally and 2.) work with others external to our organization.  Come visit the forum at

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